October 21st, 2004

Pluto close up

I still hate remixes

I do!

Umm... other random stuff? Nah, nothing big happening over here... I'm actually wondering why I'm updating. I was going to do something, and I forgot. I do that too often, it's really bad. I turned on the heater for the first time. AH! Now I remember...
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Pluto close up

I'd just like to point out...

Once again...

I HATE ALL THE FUCKING HARRY POTTER RPGS THAT PEOPLE MAKE!!!!!! Honestly... every day I see ads for like 4 new ones... God, people... please... how many do you need?

*won't say much more, since he RPs frequently... but, he does get sick of seeing 'blank year RP blah blah blah blah blah'*

Really, I feel like just having them say 'another Harry Potter RPG played by moronic fans who just want to put themselves in...'

Or am I doing a double standard with that? I don't think I am... really, I don't...
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