October 9th, 2004

Pluto close up

You know...

When something like THIS happens to me... I have to wonder...

I'm watching Dillon and Georgie music videos, they being the GH couple... Scott Clifton being the icon, and the boy that I just adore... anyway, I watch the first one, with Madonna's Crazy For You... and I remember how much I love Madonna...

BUT that wasn't the big thing...

No, another video is called 'First Love,' and I think to myself 'there is no way in hell...' but I check anyway.

And then it happens.

I hear Utada's voice, I see Scott Clifton on the screen...

And my eyes well up with tears. Seriously, that close to crying... it was, like, the most perfect moment in a long time... and I don't know WHY it affected me so much, but it did.

Speaking of Utada, she was on MTV>
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Pluto close up

Ballads + Set =


Ballads will be the death of me... I swear, they will be. It's not even funny how horrid I can get when it comes to these things... so beautiful... soothing... perfect. Ballads...

Played through most of Legends again... it was fun, but it needs more players... alas, I live alone and have next to no friends, which is THE suckage... but what can I do?

Other randomness: Looked up Shawn Ashmore pictures, since, if I ever do make another Hellbounder, he shall be the character model... damn, I forgot how much I loved that boy. I STILL haven't watched the X2 DVD, despite owning it for a year... I think I'm afraid of watching Jean die again... the trauma that comes from that, even after the 8000000th time... in the span of a year, is bad. Its like watching Haruka and Michiru die (ever notice how everything comes back to those two? Its because they own!), no matter how many times you see it, no matter how much you memorize every single part... it will still make you want to hold someone.

Rewatched the GQ/Utada vid, without the waterworks, but still loving it so very much. I concluded that if it had been Waiting for Jewel Song, I WOULD have cried and then believed that there was a God. If I knew how to make videos... if I knew anything about computers, I would do something like that. I would. Seriously.

Ever notice how music videos are made by girls? Like, I get this picture of fat fangirls with nothing better to do but sit around and learn about the computer doing all this... at least the Otaku have a purpose, to provide me with such things. Then again, would have thought that fanfiction was written by girls, and then there's me... but nobody's said anything about the opus yet, despite giving the links out... which could be a good thing, but it is probably a bad thing.

Worse, when I thought about it, I got this image of someone making a video like the GQ one for the couple in the Opus.. fuck, I got it bad.
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