September 10th, 2004

Pluto close up


I got the most WONDERFUL call from my father... he calls me and goes 'there's a 90% chance that your cat is going to die...'

Okay, yes, the cat is sick, we know this... I know this, I try and ignore this!!!

Then he goes 'because he is YOUR cat, you get to decide if we put him to sleep...'

WHY COULDN'T HE TELL ME THIS AFTER SCHOOL!?? Now I'm already AT school... all crushed and missing my kitty and I'M the one who told him to do it... so, in a way, I killed my little neko (Japanese for cat)...

What a way to start off Friday, with dead kitties... wee...

So, now I'm basically going 'should I stay here? I don't really want to be here... I just want to go back to my room and sulk... or write... or do both...' but I'm not doing that well in one of my classes and I don't want to fail it... so I need to go to every class regardless, which sucks... plus there's two other classes before it, so I'm not just going to stick around and do nothing... and then go to that class, because I know if I do that I'll be so busy sulking and shit to even go to THAT class..

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Pluto close up


Do my parents have THREE FUCKING PHONE LINES AND THEY NEVER ANSWER ANY OF THEM!?!??! My kitty is DEAD... and I can't even yell at them...
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