August 18th, 2004

Pluto close up


Moved in, DSL is up... everything is good to go. My mommy cried... she misses me already. I've tried to call my grandmother, but she's not picking up. I suppose I should try and get in touch with the chico folk, but Chris isn't even on right now... fucker. The Mexican's are probably at work... yes, probably... and J won't be around till tomorrow. Checked the roommates' names', and we're not together, much sadness... not that we tried to be placed in the same area, but it would have been nice.

None of my housemates have moved in yet... in the perfect world, none of them would and I would have the entire apartment to myself, but this is far from the perfect world. It's actually quite amusing, my bathroom mate's name is Matt, and the guy right next to that guy is also Matt... yeah, I know, seems stupid, but I thought it was funny.

Apparently they know of me already. My RA was like 'Oh, yeah, they were telling me that you've been here before...' I got a rep, yo!! A rep!!!
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