August 14th, 2004

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Because I'm bored...

I'm going to shamelessly promote the various online games that I partake in. Just so people might get interested... because more people, as long as they are decent writers, are always great... yes they are.

Press Start: A video game board based role playing site, which has recently went and revamped itself, so joining now would mean that you're almost at the same level as the rest of the players. It was once VERY skewered, because of stupid decisions that people made (decisions that I opposed, and ended up being right on the money about...), but apparently they'll start listening to me more often, so things should be a little better. It can be a lot of fun, but it depends a lot on your ability to create stories for your character. Luckily, there are no limits to the NPCs that you can get involved in, and damn near every video game is okay to use.

Hellbound Hideaway: A supernatural based play by e-mail that I've been a member of for about two months. It is a whole lot of fun, and takes up most of my writing time, but since I'm enjoying it so much it doesn't feel like a waste in the least. Some of the writers aren't that great... and a whole lot of them need to learn a few things about grammar and spelling, but as long as I edit their posts, things are fine. Easily my recommendation for the RP that I'm a member of with the most accessiblity, as it has very little requirement on how often or how long posts are needed. If you're into that kind of thing, I would suggest checking it out.

Maybe Tomorrow: Admittedly, I haven't done anything for this game in about 3 weeks, but most people haven't done anything for it either, which is really sad because it has a whole lot of potential but the admins are lacking on actually being administrators. People have characters that could be potentially great and don't use them at all for whatever reason. I don't know if it will be around much longer (hope it gets back, I like writing for it when I know other people are interested, too), but it could be for a long time. Besides, I don't want to just toss Andy aside, its fucking Jinyoung!!!!

Nexxus: A Mutant-Based PBEM, where you play a kid that goes to the academy, where the X-Men used to be. Lots of potential for just about everyting, including teen angst, but it falters in activity at times and sometimes the plots are just really stupid... IE, the Mojo plot that lasted for a fucking month and was sooooooooooo boring. We do need fresh blood, though... yes we do. As it stands, they might just restart since so many people have dropped. Its a possibility. It is also the most structured game I partake in... but at the same time that leaves a lot of the progression up to the owners, who are busy with other things.

Neo-Senshi: I should just quit this one... nothing much ever happened...

If any of these appeal to you, I can give more information... if not, well, I tried.
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Much sadness... Suikoden 4 isn't supposed to come out till the middle of Jan... DAMN!!!
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Stolen from Bad Cookie!

01) Spider-Ham (NO LIE!) is the one of the 1st comics I got into
02) I have far too many comics I'm currently collecting to list
03) Cyclops, Jean Grey, Dagger, Thor, Gambit, Psylocke, Black Widow, Spider-Woman, Supergirl (Kara), Zatanna, Wonder Girl (Donna), Black Canary, Batgirl/Oracle are some of my all time favorite superheroes
04) I do not have a favorite non superhero/manga
05) Wolverine is an overated boring character that is written with an oversized wanna be god ego complex that I cannot stand!
06) Jim Lee is, in my opinion, a very overrated comic artist. HE IS NOT JESUS!!
07) Chris Claremont is one of my all time favorite comic book writers, but he's since gone crazy.
08) Infinity Gauntlet and the X-Babies are happy comic book memories for me
09) Ed Benes is awesome at drawing female characters.
10) George Perez, Ed McGuiness are two of my all-time favorite comic artists.
11) Phil Jimenez is an artist I'd love to see drawing a monthly series.
12) Catwoman is a comic Ive always wanted to read but never picked up yet
13) The Outsiders was a welcome '80s comeback.
14) Daredevil is a comic Ive never read or paid much attention to, despite being my first 'favorite' Superhero...
15) Cable is a popular character I've never paid attention to
16) Birds of Prey is a title I would reccomend to all my friends
17) Loki is one of my favorite comic villians
18) X-Men is a comic I'm glad they made into a movie/movie franchise
19) Spider-Man is a comic they totally ruined by making it into a movie *snicker*
20) The Guy Doing Thor right now is an artist Id love to meet at a comic or anime convention
21) Cyclops is a character I'd love to dress as for Halloween, but I would need to lose a whole lot of weight... and get some severe plastic surgery, but could pull off the hair rather simply
22) Superman is a comic I use to love but now I'm not to hot about it. Blame Jim Lee
23) Kevin Smith is someone I would love to work on a comic book with
24) Gail Simone is my hero
25) Psylocke is someone they should bring back.