August 7th, 2004

Pluto close up

That's it!

I WANT A WAVEBIRD!!!! I like wireless controllers... and it can't hurt to at least try one, right?

So, when I go to EB (I wanted to go today, but my dad said he was going to town and then he went to Gilroy, which has the EB AND THE BEST BUY!!! GAAAAH!!!) I'm gonna get that, the 1019 memory card... and I think thats it, might get me FFX, which I thought about getting yesterday, but decided against it.

When I go to Best Buy, I need to buy a CD case thing for all the Kpop, one of those spinny things, kick ass... and the Critic on DVD.

Having money kicks ass.
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Pluto close up

The Swag

Ended up going like 5 minutes after the post, was quite pleased. Anyway, got the wavebird and the new 1019 memory card like I wanted, depsite the fact that I couldn't use my EB card, since its only fucking used for used ANYTHING!!! pisses me off... but I got 10 months of Gamer magazine for 10 bucks, when it would cost 50 normally, so that's good.

They've got a gamestop on the other side... I ponder going there, since we have a gamestop in chico so it makes more sense to shop there. Fuck, I now LOVE Gilroy... it has like everything I need. All it needs is a hot topic and I'm set.

BUT THE TRUE SWAG came from best buy. Got the Critic as intended, very sad to find out that the show only had 23 episodes... fuck, that sucks. Anyway, THE BEST PART!!!!! They put Ressurection BLVD on dvd... and that is like my favorite show... or it was when they had it on. I watched it religiously, but had to stop when I went to college because of no showtime, and then they gave it the ax. I love this show, and am so happy that I can watch it.

They had SuperS, the entire series, for a scant 87 bucks, I nearly picked it up... but its SuperS, the worst of the worst... so I'm gonna wait. Almost got Buffy 6, too, but decided against it. Sarah Michelle understands, I need to save money for video games, I can buy seasons of Buffy later.

Haven't watched anything, though... I'm waiting to listen to the cds I put in the changer, since putting them in to take them out right away would be a shame.

Speaking of my cds, I'm miffed because they don't fucking have decent sized cd racks, they're all like 100 cds, and I don't expect to own that many... I want like, a 75 or so... that would work fine.