August 3rd, 2004

Pluto close up


I call your ass to see if we can get together and ramble of the ways while staring at pretty pictures of Kpop stars!!! AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING!??! SLEEPING!!! Woman, I've got two weekends left before I take off, so, dammit, we gotta make some time to hang before I do the splits, you're not even on YIM anymore... so sad!!!!

Side Note: Blaine has a fraternal twin brother... if said brother is even half as cool as Blaine, that family got really lucky. No, really, Blaine's like one of the coolest people I've met ever. He amuses me, and we talk about stuff... he's nearly as sarcastic as I... nearly.
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    Fly to the Sky- Everything has Gone Away
Pluto close up

Oh, Dillon... how I love thee...

'I would have tore them apart with vicious rhetoric!!!'

Boy, he reminds me of me so much... without the cross-dressing... but the angst, and the jadedness... much love for Dillon.

Well, fine, this is old Dillon we speak of... but I love Dillon in all forms...