July 28th, 2004

Pluto close up



BUT! My father, stupid person that he is, neglected to grab the slip from the post office that had my other two albums!!! I COULD HAVE GOTTEN ALL MY ALBUMS TODAY!!! FUCK!!!

Side Note: People keep on telling me how much they will miss me at work... thus making me feel guilt about leaving.

Side Side Note: Chris got fired...

Side Side Side Note: I go back to regular hours because he got fired.
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Pluto close up

Super Side Note

Happy Birthday to Minwoo (the guy I use for Griffin, see the blinkie). Hard to believe he's 25... seriously, hard to believe that any of the Shinhwa members at that old. That means he was... 18 when they started... but... hmm... who is the youngest? Andy? I don't know... I don't like them... but really, they were pretty old. Jinyoung was that old when Blackbeat debuted.

Note the lack of caps... I don't care much for Minwoo, but I gave Fany a birthday post, and I hate him... so Minwoo, who I at least am somewhat fond of, deserves one, too.