July 25th, 2004

Pluto close up

Well... that was fun.

Been awake since 7:30, on a Sunday... when I have to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow... this isn't fun at all. No fun! Anyway, my family left. We went over, and they didn't leave until like 2:15... so I was at my grandmother's from 8 in the morning till 2 in the afternoon. Not bad, since I love my Grandmother dearly, but it kept me away from the computer. THE COMPUTER!!!!

Me and my cousins walked over to the park with her dog and pushed it down the slide... it didn't enjoy being pushed down the slide, in fact, it flipped over *but didn't fall out of the slide* and I laughed. I know, I'm horrible, but the dog wasn't hurt. Then, some time later, we walked to quik stop and spent like 20 bucks on snacks, because spending money on snacks is just the right thing to do. Yes indeed.

Now I write JPs with people and make me happy. Sadly, I should have over 5 hours till I have to stop, but because of that damned 'please come in at 7 in the morning' thing, I only have 4 and a half. Grr.

Oh, what was I going to say... hmm... I ordered Fly to the Sky Volume 1, so I will own ALL of FttS Albums, and Brian can love me for supporting him no matter what!! I can meet him and break them out, going 'SEE, BRIAN!!! LEGIT COPIES!!! LEGIT!!! NOW GO MAKE BABIES WITH BoA!' And then I would be arrested for pestering famous people... but if I got the babies, then it would be all worth it. Oh yes, all worth it.

AH! Now I remember. Growlanser doesn't come out till September, I always get August and September mixed up, so I don't have a game to buy this week like I thought, which means that I have money to blow off... hmm... I COULD buy the rest of the Kpop albums... but I promised myself not to until my last paycheck. Which leaves other things... but what. What? Not like I have anything else that I need to buy. SF Anniversary... but, yeah.

Mini-Busts? Nah... DVDs seem most likely. I DO require The Critic... and Buffy Season Six... yessssss.
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