July 13th, 2004

Pluto close up


They didn't get my FUCKING FAFSA!!! NO MONEY!!!!

I was all happy today, too. Got home, checked my e-mail, saw that My Angel My Light is shipping (which still makes me happy), and then I read the e-mail from the fin aid office, praying for good news. Nope... they don't tell me anything, but say to ask the FAFSA people... so that's what I do. I call and I ask... but they're like 'no, we didn't get your application...'

SO FUCK!!!! Now I have to re-do it, which can still be done, but at the same time Chico doesn't HAVE to accept my application anymore... they probably won't.


My dad's like 'we'll do something.' I love my father... so much. My mom probably couldn't care less, but it looks like I might have to take out loans.

Worse... I still have to refill out the app, and I have to get my pin to do that, which takes a day or up to three. FUCK!!!!

See what Care Bear you are.

I'm Chris' bear... no, really, he has a Bed Time plushie. So cute.
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    Mixed. Really angry about the Fin Aid, but My Angel My Light!
Pluto close up


Edmund and Maria are breaking up. No, not on the show. In real life.
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