July 12th, 2004

Pluto close up


I really wish I could just hang a sign on my door that says 'WILL NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT COMPUTERS NOR ALLOW USE FOR INANE PROBLEMS! FIND SOMEONE ELSE!!!' I hate the way that my parents' friends just assume I know what the fuck they need to have done. I don't know anything about these damned things.


Hmm... urge for a U-Know Icon is high.
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    DBSK- Hug (U-KNOW!!)
Pluto close up


Here I thought I had a good moment going.

Dad hears 'M' by Ayu playing. He says 'That sounds really good,' and I am gleefull...

Then he goes 'It sounds like Linkin Park.'

And I wanted to kill him. Comparing Ayu to a pathetic band who writes teen angst even though they're all in like their 30's!?!? FOR SHAME!!!

Of course, I write Teen Angst and I'm 21... so...