July 11th, 2004

Pluto close up


This sucks!!! Yesasia doesn't have Winter 2002... neither does Annyoung... so it doesn't look like I can get it unless I hit up the Ebay and pay up the ass, which isn't an option.

Sidenote: Vanessa, Goro had a single!??!
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Pluto close up

How the FUCK did that one get passed me?

Yesasia HAS SM Town Christmas 2001 IN STOCK!!!! I didn't even realize that till right now when I wanted to see how much more the things I wanted was going to cost me, and then I realized that Forever As One wasn't on there, nor was Isak and Jiyeon volume one, which they don't have (mutter) but I wanted to check on if they put SM 2002 Winter in out of print or whatever, since they couldn't get it to me... so I looked, and there it was.
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