July 8th, 2004

Pluto close up

You know... I realized something...

When I leave my job, people might miss me.

I don't know why... if I could leave myself, I would. But, really... I don't know... they're REALLY cool people. Casey, Blaine, Stacey, Rebecca... they're a lot of fun to be around, especially Casey and Blaine (he snuck up behind me and went boo... heh, it was funny).

Mom's being the uber-bitch because, and I quote, 'Why do I have to ASK you to do something... why don't you just do it.'

Yeah, sure, she's sick... but I don't care. She wants to be stupid, she can work. Maybe if she didn't drink so much she wouldn't BE sick. Hmm, there's an idea.
Pluto close up

Random Quote from the bitch:

'I don't care if its the King of Egypt, the only people I want to talk to are my mom and dad'

My response: 'Then let's go and do a sayance (spelling)... or would you rather I get the ouja *again, spelling) board?'