June 27th, 2004

Pluto close up

Okay, WTF?!

Why the HELL hasn't Summer Mail (The '04 SM Town theme)'s vid come out yet? THE FUCKING ALBUM COMES OUT DAY AFTER TOMORROW!!! VIDEO SHOULD BE OUT!!!! AIEEEEEEEE!!! I want the damned video... must... bask... in... SM... Town... greatness...

I was up until two because my family was here... they were okay. I was babysitting my cousins for like 4 hours, nobody said that it would be so... tiring. And then my mom uses it as an excuse to get shit faced... well, she uses EVERYTHING as an excuse to get shitfaced, but this was an even more special reason to her (no shame). I don't know, she said something... probably pretaining to the fact that my Uncle is not my Grandfather's son, so he's not a full member of my family. See, my mom, when she's drunk, doesn't give a shit about what she says or who she hurts. She thinks she is being some sort of saint when all she is doing is causing more unwelcome drama. She also brought her gun out and was flaunting it around. Truly, woman needs to have that gun turned on her... and fired, if I had my way. Direct head shot, two points! (ding!)

I didn't even eat dinner last night because they were so damned preoccupied with everything else that they forgot to put the damned chicken on the grill... it wasn't done till like 9:30, and I'm not going to eat that late at night. Yes, yes, I know, I'm a big boy and I can make my own dinner... but its the principal of the situation. They make food for everyone, and they know I don't eat beef... but do they care? Nope. Fuckers.

I was playing Super Mario World on the emulator last night... I lost my skillz... I had mad skillz, yo, but they be gone now. I be sad.
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