June 10th, 2004

Pluto close up

You know what's sad?

Last night, I was watching the Sueb Kwan video and saw Fany and went 'Nice Ray Charles impersonation...'

And now he's dead.

Thank you, Ray, you were great...
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Pluto close up

See what happens when I'm sleepy?

The question: Who would you and would you not invite to a party...

My answer:

I wouldn't invite Hyori or Fany, just to deflate the massive egos that I think they have (which they might not have... but shush, this is fantasy). Of course, that would assume that they would care about not being invited to a party thrown by Set, again, I cite the fact that this is a fantasy (without the island or the midget going 'de plane, de plane,' although I wish I had that...) Oh, and I wouldn't invite Hee Jun, because he would scare people and probably eat my animals (see the fantasy party again, I don't know if any of this is true... I'm having fun) as well as shake his fake breasts (ala Angel Eyes), and seeing that in video form was haunting enough.

Back to the topic...

I WOULD invite-
Brian, Eugene, Crystal and Min because they can all speak English, which would make for actual conversation and Brian could kick my behind in Street Fighter, which would make me very happy. Oh, and Eugene could sing the Smurf Theme song again...
Jinyoung (We're talking Jinyoung in Early Blackbeat days) so I could stare at his bangs, unlock their secrets and harness the power for myself, I don't know if he can speak any English, but with hair like that... I don't care.
BoA, since I love her so much and could smile at her attempts to speak English, horrid as they might be, she's so cute when she tries.
Umm, Tony because all parties need a monkey? Go watch Outside Castle and tell me he doesn't look like a monkey in that video... there are REASONS his nickname is Monkey... but I can't seem to find the reasons as to why Shoo's nickname is Donkey. Nothing I can come up with inspires pleasant images. Plus, Tony speaks English, so its a good thing.

Yes, I'm crazy... but its late, I'm tired and I want to sleep.