June 9th, 2004

Pluto close up

The Grades, for those who care-

Fiction Writing A- (MINUS?!?!?! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!)
Brit Lit: B+ (Damn, thought I could get an A in that class, too...)
Rhetoric: C+ (Hmm, no complaints there... a B- would have been nice, but I passed...)
American Lit: C- (Does anyone know if that counts? I heard that you need a C for credit in classes for the major... if so, DAMN!)

I'm tired... working for 8 hours wasn't fun.
Pluto close up

You know what I find amusing?

At home plotters outnumber the long term plotters now. And to think people were soooooooo excited about it. I guess excitement doesn't equal participation (or longevity, in some cases).

Oddly enough, the only thing that has been updated by the tracking for Zade is a danger room post, which is kind of funny, since I haven't MADE a danger room post that merits credit and, apparently we're doing a mission thing and other people have gotten credit, but Zade hasn't, same with interactions... I know I've done more than one fucking interaction... perhaps I should inquire further with the GMs... eh, its late... I'm tired, have to work tomorrow... assuming drunky will SHUT HER DAMNED MOUTH!
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