June 2nd, 2004

Pluto close up


Nanami lived!!! 108 stars of destiny and much kickassness!!!

Suikoden 2 is great! Waaaaaaaaaaaay better than FFVII and VIII (maybe better than IX... but Vivi is soooooooo cute)
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Pluto close up

Break out the black Roses!

Apparently one of my parents' friends got hit by a drunk driver and might die. Of course, this is the guy who already got hit by a car and lost half of his brain and one of his eyes and thusly had a glass eye and... well... let's just say that if he survived it once he can do it again.
Pluto close up


I forgot how badass Sersei was... well, no, I never FORGOT... but it just wasn't made all that apparent to me since she's been in limbo for a long time. However, I am aware once more... HOTNESS!!!!
Pluto close up

I'm afraid

Two days until that accursed boy wizard takes over the world again... WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so nice to not have to worry about Harry Potter this and Harry Potter that...

At least I managed to get myself out of being forced to watch the third film, which would not doubt bore me to tears with its trite and banal ways.

Of course, I'll get to hear a certain someone fawn over Tom Felton, which always amuses me...
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