June 1st, 2004

Pluto close up


It will cost well over 200 dollars to get all the Kpop albums that I want to own... soooooooooooo sad. I need 200 dollars!!!!!

Of course, considering I owe my parents like 2 grand... I think it would be best to pay them back. Yes... damn..
Pluto close up


Much hatred do I feel for Yahoo Instant Messanger... it ALWAYS cuts out on me at the worst times... dammit, I like the instant e-mail notifications so I don't spend every five minutes checking my e-mail for a reply. Fucking thing.

Mom's trying to become more versed in the ways of Kpop... I don't know if I should be proud or be very... very... afraid.

To her credit, she's doing better than I thought she would be today, since I THINK it's the anniversary of her father's death... either today or tomorrow, it was at the beginning of June, I remember that much. But most things about my grandfather just seem to blend together and stay far far away from my subconcious with the exception of how much of a dick he was.

If it IS tomorrow, though... then she'll get plastered tomorrow. She was pretty drunk last night. Stayed up until like 2 in the morning just screaming and doing other random stupid shit. I told dad that he should have her comitted for a month. This month would be nice. She'd miss my birthday. Everyone wins...
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Pluto close up

For the record...

I scored just as high in section 9

free enneagram test

but they only gave me the code for this one. Loyalist was my second (or third) highest ranking. Yay.

I'm bored, I need quizzes and surveys... nobody is providing me the goods to keep me entertained!!!! This is saaaaaaad.
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