May 31st, 2004

Pluto close up

A NEW reason why my mother should be harmed...


Now, give that a second to sink in, and then think of me... me, lover of Brian Joo, hater of HwanHee/Fany... for the mere IDEA to pass through her head that they were spawned from the same family... that they share blood... oooooooooooh, I want to cry...
Pluto close up

The 50000 dollar offer

I was offered 50 grand today by my parents' friend to write her auto-biography. It was amusing because I don't want to do it... this lady bugs me. Most people bug me, especially people who keep on asking me a bunch of questions. Gods, I like to be a private person, what is wrong with that?

Anyway, she was all 'In about 5 years, when you've graduated, if you want, I'll give you 50000 dollars to write my autobiography.' Pity that she doesn't realize that nobody would read it... and I certainly don't want to hear this lady's life story.

See, there are limits to even MY thirst for money. I'm quite proud of myself.
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