May 30th, 2004

Pluto close up


Yay!!!! *ahem*

Mom and dad went to the pow wow... got me food, food is good, I like food. She kicked him last night... she's an idiot. I really hope I can get the librarian in Suikoden II again, because if not then I have to do it ALL over again (not that this is a bad thing, far from it... more Suikoden II = goodness! But I am trying to get them all and I know I missed her... stupid thing)

Come on, SM Town, give me info on Summer 2004!!!! Clips, damn you, CLIPS!!!!!

Still need me that Jinyoung icon..
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Pluto close up


My dad walks in on me while I'm watching Hello! Summer, and he sees the demon... and he goes "Who is that fat broad?"

Ah, father thought Hee Jun was a woman... I can die happy.
Pluto close up

Double Injustice!

My mom, on YET another bender (and she will no doubt be on one tomorrow, and the next day... because she has no shame and I do believe Tuesday is the year anniversary of her bastard father's death...), decided that she wanted to see how she wrote her name when she was learning to write... some 40 years ago (yes, she is pathetic... and not in the elicit pathos sense, in the common she's a fucking nut case term). Of course, I use the dresser that she wrote on, so she goes and rips through the dresser, which I use as storage for stuff... and I'll admit that it's cluttered, but you should see her room and she's like 'why do you have all this shit?' Anyway, she made me go through EVERYTHING and clear it up. I suppose it needed to be done, but I still didn't want to do it. Gah...

But the WORSER injustice is the fact that I spent 2 hours downloading a Blackbeat clip of them singing In the Sky live... and after all that time... ALL that time... I watch the clip... and Jinyoung doesn't have his bangs. Granted, post bangs Jinyoung with his glasses is good (at least I like them, others don't... it makes him look smart and sophisticated... maybe Brian should get him some), but those bangs... those bangs... oooooooh those bangs.

Anyway, my mom asked me to invite Vanessa over tomorrow for Memorial Day... wait... Veterens day... whatever the fuck tomorrow is... BBQ... and she SWEARS she's not going to get drunk. Of course, she swears such things WHILE she is drunk... so I do not believe her. And I will not subject my friends to her banter... they have done nothing to deserve it. They are but innocent people who should not suffer because they know me.

I am but innocent, and I should not suffer because I am me... but I try not to dwell on that fact too much.
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