May 29th, 2004

Pluto close up


Vanessa, H.O.T SLASH PICTURES!!!!!!!! My eyes, they burnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Since I know you want them, hit me up and I'll give the linkage...

Ick... hee Jun...
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Pluto close up

Fly to the Sky = Greatness

I never fell OUT of love with my boys from fly to the sky *actually, with Brian... there was never love for Fany... ever!!!*, but I wasn't watching their music videos as much as I once did. That changed, I decided to watch Sea of Love and... well... I've fallen back in love with FttS... damn, this video... the greatness.

I think I'll go watch the Promise with Hee Jun getting beat on next, because that just makes me happy.
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    Fly to the Sky- Sea of Love
Pluto close up


Mom's on a bender... this is going to be funnnnnnnnnnnnn. Oh, she just went outside... whatever shall she do.

*looks at the highway...*

Oh, if only.

UPDATE: She went crazy and decided to start riding her bike around the yard while babbling something or other, more than likely envisoning her supposed angelic father, who is more of an idiot than anything. Anyway, I think she's running around the highway on a bike, but she's at the neighbors house... god only knows what she's going to do there.

Daddy swears he is going to divorce her now, let's hope he actually sticks to his word this time.