May 21st, 2004

Pluto close up

I made it alive, I did!

Yup, still amongst the living and breathing, but for how long.

I can watch the red carpet special for the daytime emmys in less than 2 hours!!!! Oh, Set is happy happy joy joy!

But he misses DSL!
Pluto close up

That Scott Clifton!

He's soooooooooo adorably amusing. He was saying that if he wins he will do the happy dance, which consists of much flailing limbs and smiling white teeth. Now he HAS to win, because I MUST see him do the happy dance
Pluto close up

There's always next year, Scott

I'm sorry you didn't win the emmy. I still think you deserved it more than Chad... but at least he won, right? You handled it with grace and dignity and that basically kept me from throwing hard stone objects at the screen... well, that and the fact that I don't think my mom would have liked me destroying her television.

'Daddy' didn't win, but it was kinda funny because Tony was like 'Maurice, you was robbed!' I was busting up laughing.

When 'Uncle Ric' won... dear lord, I was so happy and proud. Until he did the 'dad's anniversary death thing' my mom, who was heavily drunk at the time, started rambling... I mean, I'm sorry that Rick's dad died, but, dammit... I had to hear about it from the drunk one. Grr.

Tamara was robbed, Eden was robbed, GH was robbed... okay, maybe not because they really did have some stupid ass stories...

Scott Clifton WAS ROBBED!!!