May 19th, 2004

Pluto close up


Dad wakes me up on the day that I wanted to get an extra hour of sleep an hour before I would REGULARLY wake up... tells me to rent him a car for coming up tomorrow to get me and now they don't even have a budget place in Gilroy anymore!!! ARG!!!!
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    Sleepy, so, very, sleepy
Pluto close up


Look at what Set has to get this summer:

Fly to the Sky Album 1 Fly to the Sky Live
Blackbeat 1 Blackbeat 2 (Just Announced, MORE VIDEOS WITH JINYOUNG!!!)
SES 1 SES 2 SES 3 SES 4 SES 4.5 SES 5.5
Eugene 1
SM Town Summer 2004
As One 1 As One 2 More if they have them
BoA 1 BoA 2 BoA 2.5 BoA 3.5 (Possibly) BoA 4

Those aren't in order, because SM Town 2004 is like THE album I have to get. The rest are important as well, but SM Town, SM TOWN!!!! So happy that Blackbeat 2nd got announced... god forbid that I fall for another boyband. Thankfully, I'm still above in the girlband love... meh, it's kinda tied, I suppose. Plus, there are japanese albums, but they cost sooo much *mutters about high prices*