May 15th, 2004

Pluto close up


This is how a conversation between Britney Spears and I would go:

Brit: I'm like SUPER famous
Set: Yeah, yeah, yeah. What was it like to meet BoA? You know, someone with actual talent. Were you in awe by her ability to sing without causing people to ponder suicide? Or the fact that she looked classy, and not like a dirty slut?
Pluto close up


I'm older than Jinyoung by a whole two days... he's actually got the same birthday as my Aunt.

Who's Jinyoung? Lead Singer of Blackbeat.

Why do I care that I'm older than him? Because I'm always younger than the Kpop stars that I worship, sans beloved BoA, of course... so it's nice to know I'm older than SOMEONE...