May 9th, 2004

Pluto close up

Warning, Spoiler Alert

It's not REALLY a spoiler, but if you haven't read the latest issue of street fighter the comic and want NOTHING spoken of, then ignore this post.

Anywho, since I've been playing SF and titles of the SF universe (I SUCK at Puzzle figher... seriously, so horrid at that) and since I've got that huge gap of creativity that comes with finishing a near 900 page story... I thought about it. Eliza said she could have twins. Set LOVES stories with twins... Ken with Twins... would be amusing...

So, Set's likely going to write a SF story sometime soon. After the Superboy story, since that one NEEDS to get written (every month that passes is one month that people forget about Donna, which cannot be allowed), and maybe after MLP, since I still want to do that... don't ask why. I like making kids. I hate the idea of LITERALLY making kids (brrr) but, fictional kids, oh baby... that's loads of fun.

Side Note: Rejection sucks.
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