May 2nd, 2004

Pluto close up


SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cute! Saw the first episode she's in. Adorable... if Chibi-Usa was as cute as Chibi-Chibi then Chibi-Usa wouldn't be hated as much as she is... okay, yes, she'd still be hated because she's the evil demon that needs to be shot. Anyway, yes, Chibi-Chibi-chan is adorable, the way she just goes 'chibi' 'chibi-chibi' makes me melt. Cute cute kid. PLUS the first episode with Chibi-Chibi is also the first episode of 'true' stars (meaning that it's the part that actually brings in the lights and Galaxia. Don't get me wrong, I like the first six episodes a lot, too, but they're not really stars because it's more like SuperS plus) that has Pluto!!! Pluto and Chibi-Chibi in the same episode was like reason for so much happiness. Even better, well, not better, but adding to the yippeeness is the fact that I'm downloading Hikki's new PV right now, it shall soon be mine. MINE!!!!

But, back to Stars for a minute, we never get to see the Outers Transform, which means that we never get the Outer Transformation music after the very first episode of the series because they NEVER show (outer planet) Crystal Power, Make-Up! Which pisses me off to no end, I want to see a new transfomation sequence for the Outers, and new attacks. Those fucking Inners get pampered. It's funny because the inners are seriously just there for most of the series. They have a few moments (like the part where they die) but overall it's just 'oh, look, the inners... are around, how nice.' I've no problem with that, inners blow compared to the greatness of the outers. I miss Anything Goes Martial Arts Sailor Moon, the site, it's gone and they used to have uber-humorous fights. I even wrote one for a contest, but I never won or got any reply back to what I did. I was sad, but that's okay. The closer I get to finishing Stars means the closer I get to watching the Outers die... that's a sad fact in life... a very sad fact in life indeed.
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