April 21st, 2004

Pluto close up


Just went back and read the first fic I ever posted. For those that know what it is, good for you, for those that don't... there's a reason for that. Soooooo horrible. Can't believe that was my first work... I mean, the content was okay, but I really could have made it longer and better and certainly more interesting... It's nice to know that in the 2 years since I posted it I've increased so much.
Pluto close up

I'm such a fanboy

I've SERIOUSLY got to get a life. I've started doing DC power ratings for characters in the same way that Marvel does them, since DC didn't do stuff like that and I always wondered what it was like. So far I've done Supes, Wondy, Supes Jr, Troia (ah, Donna...), and Zatanna. I intend on doing Supergirl (Linda and Kara, to hell with Cir-El) sometime soon... Canary and Oracle as well, GL, Flash... no Batman, though (for he is beneath me) Any requests, I can try... but if I don't know much about the character... then its SOL. I'll probably post some of them tonight.