April 20th, 2004

Pluto close up

You know what I think is pitiful?

The fact that idiots think that this is some sort of holiday for doing an illegal activity. You know what else I think is pitiful? That so many innocent people were hurt or killed on this day five years ago because of the fact that children are never taught that they can drive someone to a breaking point with their words and their gestures. I remember riding home on the bus and the driver was listening to them talking about what had happened... and it scared me. I remember the fact that my friends were all looked at differrently, like they were part of that stupid 'trenchcoat mafia.' Worse, I remember that people STILL kept on making fun of other people for not being like them. I hate the fact that people can't view individuality with any sort of respect. It's always going to be something like if you can't be part of the crowd then you're going to be ostracized. It's happened to me most of my life, and I've managed to get away with not killing people.

I don't know what's worse... the whole pot thing, the columbine thing, or the Hitler thing. It just shows how stupid people are in this country, and even in the world.