April 19th, 2004

Pluto close up


My hopes of ever going to a super soap weekend are CRUSHED... apparently, the one that happens in Aneheim happens in March... GAH!!! I thought it was in the summer and I'd have a slight chance of meeting people!!!!!!! HOBKNOB!!! Oh. and the GH story has officially become my written Opus. Yup, fear the Opus. I've gotten like over ten chapters done this week. I am really churning out as much story as I can so that I can both finish it and get it posted before the end of the semester. I don't know how far I'm going to get, but I certainly hope that I can manage to do it in time. I could seriously just end it tomorrow, but I would give it some horrid and cheap ending that I really do not want to force myself into writing because I've spent half a fucking year writing this thing and have poured so much into something that I swore wasn't going to reach 100 pages (I should have known better...), breaking records left and right (It's the story with the most words in the GH section of FF.net as of current time... and it's really got like over 200000 words, plus, I'm pretty sure it's got the most chapters, just posted 134)... it just means too much for me to tack on some rushed ending. Even if I do find myself working extremely hard on it, I know I can give it an ending that it deserves. I have to sacrifice a single plot, but in the end I replaced it with the ending that I've got in mind, which still works out quite well in the end...

Besides, it's not like I'm ever going to get this thing printed...
Pluto close up

I feel horrible

I don't like my old grammar teacher as a teacher... she was mean to me and eviiiiiiil. She had no soul at all... but her husband died this weekend or something. And I was making fun of her... and I really feel bad about it because I still can't help but do it.

Gods, I have no shame.