April 16th, 2004

Pluto close up


that's what I basically yelled at my teacher (in good humor, mind you) today in English 175. I like the guy a lot, he keeps me entertained, but conversly I also keep HIM entertained because he is ALWAYS picking on me. Every day, pretty much, without fail he goes 'Set'. Of course, he uses my real name, but I digress. So, today we were doing some stupid grammar shit, which reminded me of 124 and of the evilllllllllllllllllll soulless demon woman... so I wasn't happy. Anyway, he had me attempt to read my sentence, which didn't fit the requirement... and then he was like 'okay, tell us what to write about next."

So that's when I said 'STOP PICKING ON SET!' the class laughed... a lot... which was the point. I provide too much comedic relief in that class and it's not even amusing, it's actually quite pitiful. Anyway... that ACTUALLY became the topic. So we had people writing about how they should stop picking on me. It was quite amusing...

I really do ponder just no longer attending... I will be no one's scapegoat!
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