April 13th, 2004

Pluto close up


Next Semester...

Modern Novel 9-10 (cries... must wake up at 7:30, injustice!)
Some other class...
Some other class, I think American Liteature
Some other class, foundations of language or something...

4 lit classes back to back to back to back... all so I could watch GH every damned day of the week... and I still have TR off... ugg... DEATH DEATH DEATH
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    BoA- Love Bug
Pluto close up


I feel kind of bad, playing music when my roommates are watching a movie,b ut I can't really help it, I have to DJ in 40 minutes.

Speakinf of which, I will no longer be DJing as of the end of the week more than likely, since the radio is likely going to get shut down. Alas...