April 12th, 2004

Pluto close up

She's no longer in denial!!!

My mother, after god only knows how many years, finally admitted to herself and to me that she has problems. Of course, she didn't go past the fact of saying that she had problems, so it might not even be the drinking, which is her REAL problem, that she thinks she has a problem with. It could be my father, or hell it could be me, since I'm such a horrid son who doesn't tell mommy that he loves her every two seconds (mostly because I don't... natch).

Anyway, I got a new keyboard and I will start typing with it when I get back from class. Yay. It was only 16 bucks, too... god, I hope it works. But why wouldn't it? Keyboards are keyboards, right? I'll probably get a little sloppy with it at first, but should be fine with it by tomorrow. I go through so many keyboards,it's not even funny. This is my third in as many years. Guess that's what I get for sp ending all my time writing or just being on the computer doing random stupid shit like IMing (not that it's stupid stupid, but I'm sure there are more productive ways to spend my time... of course, I could care less about doing such things of productivity).

Today's GH actually reminded me of my mother. When Skye got drunk off her ass and started causing a scene. Granted, it was overglorified, but it was the way that my mother tends to act when she is drunk. Yes, I hate it a lot.

SPEAKING of GH... I gots responsibility!!! This be from one of the reviews that was left to me 'I know that all that read this story are pulling for these
two, please don't let us down.'

Yup, I can't let the folk who read my story down. Booyah. John Stamos and Rebecca are separated, so sad.