April 11th, 2004

Pluto close up

Happy Easter to me!!!

Apparently mom got piss drunk last night because father, in his infinite foolishness, decided that he could take her out to the bar (will he never learn?) and she ended up getting plastered and caused a scene which almost regressed to mother being arrested for drunken stupidity. If I were father, I'd have left her there to get arrested, show her how stupid she gets... it wouldn't work, but at least she'd be out of my hair till I bailed her ass out.

ANYWAY, I get a call at 3:30 in the morning and it's her crying, so I think that something's happened, but nooooooooo she just goes on this rant about how she wants to divorce daddy because she's tired of being accused of having affairs with men and whatnot. Plus, she apparently hit him a few times in various places, according to her. Of course, she failed to mention the fact that she went to the bar (fancy that...) and got drunk (surprise surprise). And she also just HAPPENED to forget that she's a drunken idiot who enjoys groping men when she's drunk, while dad's around... yeah... it's not like he doesn't have reason...

God, damn, it, stupid, drunken, bitch, just, go, away. My first thought was that if the divorce went through I'd have to spend less time with her, which would make me a very happy boy. Then I thought about daddy getting some rich lady and I'd call her 'mommy' and she'd give me stuff, like kpop cds and comic book busts and I could meet BoA and life would be good...

Now that I think about it, they really should get a divorce...
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Pluto close up

I may hate the way Hee Jun looks

But he wrote and composed Outside Castle by HOT... and he was part of HOT and this song is seriously badass... it sounds like an RPG song, with lyrics, but the music part and I'm just like 'ooooooooh my god.' Vanessa, you got this one?

If any of ya got leftover peeps put them in the mircowave... it's fun...
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    HOT- Outside Castle