April 10th, 2004

Pluto close up

Heh, Scott Summers is the uber-pimp

I was playing X-Assault... and I ended up getting 7 of the 8 characters recruited (yay for me, being able to answer those nitpicky bastard ass questions!!!!) and ended up with: Scott, Jean, Emma, Axel (Zeitgeist from X-Force, don't worry if you don't know, he was dead real quick), Alison, Betsy and Ororo. So, I had to pick 5 from those 7 and I ended up with: Scott, Jean, Betsy, Alison and Ororo. I thought about giving Alison the boot for Emma, but Emma fucked with Scott/Jean, so she instead got shafted, as it was only right. Anyway, Scott was the leader and he lead 4 super-hotties... none of them died, and my rating was 98.89 out of 100. Yes, Scott Summers has magical powers...

The best part was that Alison faced Drac and killed him in one hit... good old light powers. I started laughing I did.
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