April 8th, 2004

Pluto close up


Set got his hands on SM Town Winter 2002 album, MP3 format... Brian will kill me because I have stolen money from his unborn babies... but it's not like I can buy the album anymore. Stupid discontinuation...
Pluto close up

I might have to take out a loan

And it sucks. I hate taking out loans. My dad is like 'never take out loans unless you NEED to' and a certain asian catfish/goat hybrid demon from hell has basically made it so that I NEED to take out the loan because he has fucked us all over with his flaking nature. It won't be a big loan, and I can pay it back really easily... but the point remains that I shouldn't have to take out a damned loan because I shouldn't be having this fucking problem. STUPID Jason... gah. We're all of the mindset that he needs to be punished for being stupid, and he shall be punshed. Somehow, Somewhere, Someday (heh heh heh) he shall be punished!

Today me and the boss were rambling of Brian and Fany splitting up... which sucks much ass, since, you know, FttS is badass. At least to us. I don't really like how we love them so much over here in America (at least the American Kpop fans) but they aren't all that popular in Korea. They're like upper-middle level. She said that Dana wasn't popular at all. She was just there. Which also makes me sad, because Dana's pretty good at singing and she's a decent looking girl. I would think that she would have some success. But, nope. I mean, I know that people REALLY do not like Dana... especially Jpop fans... who like BoA for some reason. Probably because BoA is greatness that won't be denied. Poor Dana. I'll buy her albums. I'm buying all these girl albums... I'm so bad. I'm so sexist, but it's okay because its all taste. I don't like male singers that much, I like ballads and girls just don't fuck up on ballads. Guys are kinda iffy. Some of them are good, but girl ballads kick ass on an almost complete ratio. Even a sub-par singer (Hyori) can make a good ballad (Ice). Okay, so the theory doesn't work with Britney, but we're talking people with SOME singing talent. I turn to you is still like my favorite song by Christina...

Rambling... so much! BoA Jewel Song in Korean!!! WOOOOOOOOOT!!! BEST, SONG, EVER!