April 7th, 2004

Pluto close up


I BEAT FIRE EMBLEM!!!!!!!! AND I saw Roy!!!!! No Marth, though (Sorry, Matt...) AND I have an anime survey thingy that I took from somoene on Vanessa's list who I can't recall, but they get credit anyway...

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Pluto close up

Mmmm, candy

I love candy. I love candy so very much. Bought me some, it was good. I also saw Jeanne, love talking to Jeanne for she is the greatest Creative Writing teacher EVER!!! Or, that I've had... and since it's only two people who have taught me such things she doesn't have much competition. But, still, Jeanne is uber-kick ass! She looked at my portfolio and said that she would have comments ready for me tomorrow. Of course, I don't have school tomorrow but she said that she would put them in her box for me when I do have class on Friday and it shall be glorious!!! Okay, obviously I'm not exactly the smartest person right now, but I'm really quite tired. I skipped my 10 o'clock class because I was like 'meh, I've been to EVERY OTHER class, I can miss one." Of course, I want to miss the 4th hour too, because GH is going to kick much ass and I am going to miss it. In fact, I am missing it as we speak, much sadness.

WORSE... there's this story about a girl here in Chico who killed her baby the moment it was born. It was a 9 pound baby boy, she had it by herself and the minute it came out of her womb she strangled it to death. I know, it sucks big time and it makes me sad. I don't like babies, I really do not like babies and small children, but I don't ACTUALLY think they should die, especially when they're less than a day old... hell, less than an hour old, really. How the hell could she look at this thing that she held for as long as she did and just strangle it to death? Ugg, it makes me so angry just thinking about it. Stupid bitch. I wonder what the dad thinks, the article didn't say anything about the dad. She's a sorority girl, which explains some of the stuff. Okay, yes, I'm horribly stereotyping Sorority girls (did they end those horrid MTV shows?) but... c'mon... the boy deserved the chance to live his life. Our hospital is a drop off hospital where moms can drop off their kids after they have been alive for three days. Granted, I didn't know that (it makes sense, being a college town where much drunken randomness happens and many many illegit babies are born) so she might not have.

Well, at least the end had some sort of point. Hooray.
Pluto close up


I got to express my love for Joan Collins in my English 157 class today. We spent 55 fucking minutes rambling about stupid Fuller and her damned moronic and uniteresting... thing... when I watned to talk about the slave girl and her story since it was thousands of times more interesting. Anyway, we started rambling about who we would cast for various roles and one of them was for the role of the mean old white mistress, so I, like less than half a second after she said it just went 'Joan Collins!' The class laughed, this one girl laughed really really hard. They mock Joan, they should be punished. Or, they mock me... which is perfectly acceptable, but mocking Joan is a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig no-no.

Other randomness that happened in that class was that she put up a list of things that had to do with the story and one of them was 'Thriller.' I mumbled that I now had the desire to listen to Michael Jackson. The teacher didn't hear me, but some of the students did and they got a chuckle out of it. I dunno, I keep some of the students in that class entertained, which is a good thing since in that class we NEED to be entertained. There is no doubt that we like her, we all really think that she's one of the nicest ladies on the planet... but the shit we read in that class (except for the Slave Girl story, which was damned good and sad) is so very boring that almost everyone just really wants to burn the books in effigy. I intend on doing such a thing when the class finally ends. The worst part is that I have to take the OTHER section, too... gah... they want me to suffer! Survey of (enter type of literature class here) are so very banal.

Kelli and I had another great conversation where we rambled of the ways like we always do, since it is great fun. She said that she was going to kill her brother for their super nintendo, and I concur, death is an ample solution for getting a Super Nintendo back... Ah, what would I do without my Super Nintendo? Be very bored in my youth, that much is certain. Know not the greatness of RPGs before they became Chic, that is also true... So much joy was there brought to me by such a small yet wonderous system.

At Celastinos today there was some random person that might have been acting like a manbitch to me. There was some backpacks on the bench type thing, but there are two tables and it really did look like the bags were more on the side of the OTHER table... so I sat down on the other side. The guy comes and grabs the bags and sits down somewhere else. One of his friends comes and he mutters something about 'some people just don't think that bags on the bench means anything.' Fucker didn't even ask me to leave, because I would have... bitch.

What they say is true... if you keep a 20 unbroken you will have it for awhile... when you break it, though... it is as good as all gone...
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