March 28th, 2004

Pluto close up


I just realized something about all the cds I bought:

Bada Volume 1
FttS Volume 2
FttS Volume 3
FttS Volume 4
SES Volume 5

Didn't know they went in sequential order like that... Yes, I'm bored and trying very damned hard to refrain from doing any work at all... its not working very well. I swear, after I finsih watching this SES vid, I am going to study, REALLY!
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    SES- S II S (Soul to Soul)
Pluto close up


Curse you, Sean, you lied! It was Old Navy!!!!! Nonetheless, the commercial is great. Joan said Darling and it STILL sounded as great as it did when she said it 20 years ago.

Long Live the Queen Bitch, Joan Collins!
Pluto close up

Brian steals from me!!!

I'm watching this skit he and fany did with SES and Brian had a fling with Eugene in it!!! HE TAKES EUGENE AND HE TAKES BoA FROM ME!!!!!!!! And... unless I'm mistaken, Fany just sent the boys to rough him up. Fucking Fany. Die.

Brian can steal them all from me, and I will still give him much love.