March 25th, 2004

Pluto close up

Petty Drama amuses me

I don't even know what the hell happened, which just makes it like 20 times more amusing. I love it when I miss out on the good stuff, I really do. No, that is sheer sarcasm, because I hate it when I miss out on the good stuff. Ah well, thems the breaks. I beat another chapter in Fire Emblem today and it only took me a day instead of like 3 days like the other one. God, I hated that map so much. Granted, doing this map made my tactician rank go down to a platry 2 out of 5 stars, but I have three fives and another three, so everything else is pretty decent.

Oh, yeah, my CDs shipped and they said that they shouldbe here within two business days, since they shipped today doesn't that mean that the cds would be here tomorrow? If so, I will be very pleased because CDs make me a very happy person, indeed. I should get started on some posting against soon, stupid waiting for people to do something.

*kicks Arwen, who he hasn't talked to in a over a week* Woman, do you function?

HAH, I just remembered that during my weekly visit to the rec center to spend about an hour with Kelli, since I love talking with her and doing the rambling (no woman loves the vid games that I've ever met like Kelli. We speak of the good times, when the SNES was king and life was good without its horrid zombie infested shit and games where you beat up whores and take their money. Yes, people, such times existed. Imagine that... EVEN more shocking was that there were 6 other Final Fantasy's... I know, I know... you'll cope, somehow). Anyway, I told her about the Montel thing with the kids who got flung around like rag dolls in the bus and how it was the fucking funniest thing I ever saw in my life. Anyway, she wasn't very receptive towards the comedic value at first until she actually thought about kids flinging around a bus, and then she started laughing like mad. It was a good thing. We also poked fun at Becca.

I have ONE class on Friday. Classes being cancelled kicks major ass. I could just opt not to go, but we've got a midterm in that class the following time, so it means the possibilty of good review (we reviewed today with a mock quiz, I failed... hard... seriously, got NOTHING right. Well, I got Ode to right, but I put nigthengale and it was like memoir or something... I dunno!!!)
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Pluto close up


I said that I would finish my story for creative writing before the end of the day, and it is done! 20 pages of angst, completed!!!! Now all I need is the notes and various other things that help put together the portfolio and tomorrow I'll buy an envelope and get it all ready. Maybe I won't write GH tonight. I probably will while I'm DJing, and I'll play Fire Emblem after I eat. Yes, that seems like a damned good plan.
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