March 20th, 2004

Pluto close up


Over to Best Buy in Gilroy for the first time. Going to spend money that is not mine, because that is what I do bestest. I will certainly get new printer ink and hopefully a new Keyboard and Microphone so that (HOPEFULLY) I can talk when I DJ, but I don't hold much hope out for the extreme latter. I can probably get it, since I haven't really gotten anything since I've been here and the other two are kind of really needed... well, the ink for sure, the keyboard not really but the one I do have constantly fucks up and that makes me unhappy. So... maybe so, maybe not. If nothing else, I'll buy it with my own money.

I didn't know Vanessa gave me uber-Hikki mp3!!! Now I can play Addicted to You on the radio and share the love! YAY!
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Pluto close up


Best Buy is quite nifty, although I had trouble navigating it since it was my first time there. I had to pay for my own Microphone *mutter* and I also bought an FFX-2 Guide (For the eventual return I make to the game, presumably sometime within the next 5 years...) so I spent like 50 bucks, yup. My parents owe me 100, though. So, all is good. Plus, all that recycle stuff, which may or may not get done today (doubtful) is mine, since I spent the time sorting it and all that good crap.

I'm going to see my Nana soon!!! YAY! Oh, and while I was at Target I read the Soap Opera Digest thingy and they were showing people and their reactions to the Emmy nods they got. HORRID Picture of Scott Clifton, the fellow in the picture... made me sad because I don't like it when he looks ugly, much like Brian but less often. Nonetheless, he continued to amuse me because he got a call from Maurice ('Daddy') at like 6 in the morning since Maurice was going to give him the grats and Maurice asked 'Do you know who this is?' and Scott replied 'Yeah, I know who this is' and they apparently engaged in banter and Maurice was all 'How come you don't ask if I got nominated?' and Scott said something about how Maurice would be offended if he asked since Maurice WAS nominated and they all knew it, since he is so very great.

*sigh* I want to have conversations like that...
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