March 19th, 2004

Pluto close up


spent most of the day with Vanessa, and had a great time. We watched the kpop clips that I burned for her, including the 30+ minute fly to the sky concert thing (she didn't like the smoke and we kept on making fun of Fany's ugly hair... but Brian got the love... oh, yes, Brian got the love!) and the SM Town Roll call which sort of backfired on me becaue now I have to start downloading HOT videos looking for the one that she saw with the devil Jun decked out in full Freddy Kruegar attire. I don't know why, she wants to see it... so we won't bother complaining about it. She showed me her vast collection of CDs and I got me some of my own, which makes me very happy.

We then watched a bunch of jpop clips, which was great because I watched the whole SMAP/Musume thingy and was scared by many many many things. Shingo needs to grow hair. Speaking of growing hair... a NEAR bald Ken Hirai is reason for babies to wake up screaming in the middle of the night. It is an exceptionally scary thing. We were going to watch Summer Vacation, but she ended up not being able to find it because she has like 8000000000000 VCDs (okay, more like 20) and not many of them are clearly labelled so we were going through them all and looking at the second clip, since that was the one that I had seen come up on her tv before. It was actually a pretty damned nifty thing, that VCD maker is impressive. It showed a few seconds of the video so you knew what it was if it was something you had already watched. Very interesting indeed.

So, after that we went somewhere and basically saw a she-male that was very scary. Thankfully we didn't stay at the she-male infested zone for very long and then she took me out to lunch (she insisted on paying, I told her I would gladly pay for my food... but nooooooooo) to A and W, where they fucked up my order of chicken strips and gave me a hamburger, so I had to make sure to go back and say that it wasn't what I ordered and with that they gave me chicken strips and I was happy, although I didn't eat all of them.

So then we went back to her house and started rambling of the ways while searching for the video some more and not finding it because my mom came, tactless being that she is. Still, it was much fun.