March 17th, 2004

Pluto close up

*le sigh*

The Daytime Emmy's are going to be on while I'm still at school, which means that watching the red carpet special (and seeing MORE Scott Clifton!) is out of the question. Stupid lack of soapnet in Chico. Curse it, CURSE IT, SAYS I! Well, I will have my hair cut and highlighted in a matter of hours. Let us hope it turns out well, yes? Apparently I used all the water in the house during my shower, since it kind of died in the middle. Yeah, I doubt I was supposed to do that, but I assumed the water had been fixed and no one told me otherwise, so it is THEIR fault and not mine. Yes, there fault indeed. I wanted to play more Fire Emblem, but it doesn't appear that I'm going to have the time to do it before I leave. Ah well, there will be time when I return, possibly. I will see if I can visit the Usagi-chan later tonight because I promised I would try and do it and I've only got like two or three more days before I return to Chico with the DSL and the music videos and the general feelings of happiness. The same be said for Vanessa, whom I need to see before I take my leave from this wretched place as well.

I hate it when I get no e-mail overnight. So unloved.

Oh! Good news! Thundercats Mini-Series with art by the people at Udon studios!!! Cheetara WILL be dead sexy once more! REJOICE!!! Did I mention that it appears that almost all my comics have been forced into seclusion in the deep dark place we call the basement? They have... I had like 10 boxes and only one of them is here now. Very unhappy with this, I am. It does make organizing them impossible if 95% of my collection is somewhere else. Gah, everything is out of order and it displeases me very much so. Sometimes I wonder if my parents just want me to suffer, and then I remember that... yes... yes they do. I'm hungry and require food. FOOOOOOOD.
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Pluto close up

It is done!

The Highlights are in...

AND Air Mail to Chile is about 4.50 per pound... yup. So much for getting the 'rents to pay for it... alas...
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Pluto close up


my best friend's infant baby is doing sugery stuff, which I was well aware of, and so I don't think I'll be able to see her until Summer, which is fine because her child is more important anyway and I totally respect and support that. BUT, her little sister is in the hospital too, her little sister who happens to be my 'ex' and stuff, yeah... it sucks. I didn't really expect everything to go downhill like that... pisses me off.

Makes me really think that all the bitching I did because the people at McDonald's gave me a hamburger instead of the nuggets I ordered was just pointless... yup...
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