March 10th, 2004

Pluto close up


They'd better have a damned good explanation for why a Vampire can bite Superman and not blow up. His body is fuled with Solar Energy... Vampires don't like the solar energy. We went through this in Superman I want to say 181... it was a good book, back when the title was still worth buying (it isn't now, and probably won't be when Jim Lee comes on, but mindless sheep will flock to it like the conformist fools that they are... I'm only buying it because I've been doing it for 4 years...) and Dracula tried to convert Superman but he went boom.

Obviously, Claremont didn't do his homework. And Byrne's art... she is merely sub-par. Very saddened by the first part in this 'legendary' JLA Arc, is Set.

But Ultimate X-Men... she was good. Very good indeed.
Pluto close up

Two days

I haven't really worked on my GH story... I've just been soooooooooooooo tired and I know it's not a real reason, but that's basically it as far as why I haven't done it. I'm drained, and I can't give it the attention that it deserves. It's my baby, and it deserves every last ounce I can give it. Some of the other things dont' take up as much of my time as they could, but that's okay.

When I do FINALLY finish the story (which I will... I have every intent of finishing the story... before school ends, too!) I will have such a creative slump... I mean, I'll be abel to do work... but I don't know if I can even touch the greatness that I'm doing right now. Much love. MUCH love.
Pluto close up

My spring break poem of sheer stupidity!!!!

See what I have to do for some classes?

Returning to the void very weary
And yet still excited by the promising
There are always outcomes, maybe dreary
Monetary benefits appealing
Drowning out the monotony quickly
Blessed vocals sung in a foreign voice
My father will not be acting strictly
I do wonder why I’m there by choice
The drama that will come shall become a fret
Vow to bide my time by watching soap-net

stupid rhyme scheme and syllable requirements!!! gah!!!
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