March 9th, 2004

Pluto close up


The interview went decently, I suppose. I, like an idiot, went to the WRONG area. I thought I was supposed to go into the Housing Office, but apparently we were supposed to go to Shasta's Rec Center... no one told me to go to Shasta's Rec Center, or, if they did, I blanked out like a moron and forgot (I really don't think they told us to go... honestly) to go to Shasta's Rec Center. Anyway, I overheard some peopel talking and there are apparently like 35 spots open and I think like 40 applicants. So... if I don't get this job I'll be one of 5 people to not get the job, and that is REALLY fucking depressing. Of course, I'm telling myself that I won't get the job because that's the way I work. I always tell myself that I won't get a job that I'm applying for, because it's better to think low and either have the low thing happen or not have it happen and then you're happy. I'll know on Friday...

On the plus side, I did show them how humble I am. The last question was 'Tell us what sets you apart from the other candidates' and my response was that I couldn't, because I would be unfairly discrediting people that I don't know in an effort to make myself look good, and I would not do that. Hopefully they liked that. Of course, other people will probably be like 'Oh, I'm soooooooooo much better than everyone else, hee hee' People like that piss me off.

And I finally got ahold of the people at yesasia, they said that it depends on the mail people. They can send the package to me or they can send it back to the company. I'm assuming that since it shipped on the 25th that they aren't going to be sending it back, but I could be wrong.
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Pluto close up

One Boy Band Might Be Ending

Yet another one is starting again!!! Westlife, a very popular English group (They did a song with BoA, that is the ONLY reason why they are even marginally worth my attention) might be spliting up because one of the members wants to leave.

This is good...

However... THIS... is bad...

They're bringing back Menudo (shudder)
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Last Day of RA class (presumably... if I get the job, I will be going again... but since the odds of me getting the job are in the negatives more than likely... we will not discuss such things) was actually a lot of fun. Well, at first I wasn't happy with it because we had to do this utterly stupid thing where we made art and stuff. I hate making art... I HATE DOING ANYTHING ARTISTIC!!!! I'm a writer, dammit... okay, so that counts as art, but I don't like the drawing and painting and stuff art, I like the writing art. My muse is Caliope. Anyway, after that was over and I was very happy we moved onto doing something else in the class where we told each other descriptions of a picture and we made sure that the picture was right. Yup. That wasn't very much fun either, but it was certainly more fun than the stupid first acitivty. Anyway, the final one is the one that I liked. We did one of those 'you are stuck in this situation and you have 15 items... rank these items in order of importance' so we got into this big ass discussion, me and my group that is, about Shark repellent and it amused the people...

So, that was actually pretty fun. Maybe it wasn't as big a waste as I thought.
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