March 8th, 2004

Pluto close up

You know...

Vanessa never gave me the Love Generation episodes on CD like she promised!!! I FEEL CHEATED! =P

Just kiddin
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    Cagnet- Hear Me Cry
Pluto close up

HATE Chico Weather

Last week it was all rainy... and now it's all sunny and people are out and having a good time. Maybe it's the whole having a good time part that I don't like... regardless, I DO NOT LIKE IT!!!! *Hiss*
Pluto close up


The day, she just gets worse!!!! I got my Microtheme back... and the teacher didn't accept it. She said that I would have to rewrite it... because it sucked. I'm not disagreeing, because that damned thing DID suck so much ass!!! I hated it, HATED IT!!!!!!

I realize I'm becoming much less mature by the minute... but that's okay.