March 6th, 2004

Pluto close up


I hate it when battles take FOREVER to roll... stupid worm and his low damage.
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Pluto close up


Vanessa, your cds filled with clips of greatness are all but finished!!!! You shall have them when I return home next week!!!! YAY! We can talk and speak of the ways, the ways!!!
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Pluto close up

I 'impressed' Chris

It made me happy. So very happy. He gave me a link to all his purtty pictures. He got his ears pierced, they look good, and they certainly appear to have lasted longer than that futile attempt he made at having a belly button ring. I swear I saw it once and then it was gone. Guy's shouldn't have them anyway... no, really, they shouldn't. I mean, I don't have ANYTHING against them, but they just don't look good on guys. Maybe because I don't like staring at guy's and their bare waists... that could have something to do with it. Let's say that it does. Yes, that's probably a damned good reason. I dunno, I think I might just wait till I get my hair highlighted till the Summer. Maybe I'll get it done when I go home for spring break. I should ask Chris, just to get his opinion. I trust his opinion a lot, because he's a good friend to me. Anyway, I impressed him by knowing the Care Bear that he got as a present for Christmas. I laughed. He knows that I know every single Care Bear and Care Bear Cousin on the face of the planet, provided they are canon, of course. If they're created characters then well... I have nothing to base my knowledge on. To be fair, I haven't seen MANY created characters in that particular fandom. Granted, I don't look very hard, but at least now I'm not the 'king of the fandom' it was never a title I wanted anyway.

Basically finished my English 175 paper, but I probably won't get a good grade on it, because I never get good grades on these papers and its actually pretty sad. Granted, I put like an hour and a half tops in on the bastard... it's just getting harder and harder for me to wing these things now and that's pretty fucking sad.

I think I will write more GH... yes... GH...
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Pluto close up

Set proudly presents to you...


10 Maki Goto (Morning Musume, Pucchi Moni, Gomatto, Sexy 8, probably a whole lot of other groups... she gets around)
9 Hikaru Utada (Utada in America)
8 Bada (AKA: Sea, Former Member of SES, Current Soloist)
7 Namie Amuro (Formerly of Space Monkeys, Current Soloist and member of Suit Chic)
6 Mai Kuraki (Jpop Soloist...)
5 Ayumi Hamasaki (Jpop Superstar)
4 Tomiko Van (She SO went up because I just realized how beautiful she is in the Oasis video... mmmm. Member of Do As Infinity... kicker of much ass)
3 Shoo (Former SES Member, current SM Towner... working on Solo since last year... damn woman, hurry your ass up)
2 Eugene (Hottest SES Member!!!!!!!!! Current Soloist)
And... to nobody's surpsie...
1 BoA (Sexiest woman on the planet... despite being a minor. Holder of my heart... future carrier of Brian Joo's babies which will be protected from Fany and Hee Jun who will try to steal them and use their talents for evil plots involving cartoon penguins...)
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