March 5th, 2004

Pluto close up


The Irony is that I play an RP by e-mail and I use Brian as the character model... granted, good haired Brian whereas this picture is VERY bad hair Brian. Not first album bad, but still not good. Anyway, that game takes place in 2030... don't ask how it happened, it just did.

there are reasons that Vanessa is the greatest person on the planet. She capped Love Bug for me!!!! I'm bad, though... I gave someone a direct link... I wont' do it again, I PROMISE!!!!!!!

Shadowing was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Steve, the guy that I shadowed, was a badass. He was a gamer, like me, and a geek, like me. He was playing Dark Ages of Camelot, which I don't find very interesting, but whatever. We talked for most of the time. He said that I was applying for the job for all the right reasons. So honored.

Of course, is still NOT working for me. Can anyone else ACTUALLY log in?
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    The Love Bug has bitten me, so it must be sated
Pluto close up

When 900 years old you reach...

:: how jedi are you? ::

Look this good you will not.

Stolen from Sean's Xanga. I probably took the test a long time ago but, whatever. Anytime I have to promote the yoda love... I'm gonna take it.

Hopefully I can make it for a little while longer. Stupid 5 hours of sleep. Stupid fucking loud ass roommates and friends. Bastards Bastards Bastards. Oh, also, damn the lack of any Eugene AIM icons, angers me greatly it does.