March 3rd, 2004

Pluto close up

You know how to tell when people REALLY like what you wrote?

When you get stuff like this:

I thought of you while watching the interaction between Dylan and Steve.

I'm like... beyond floored. She thought of ME while she was watching the soap. I mean, I often find myself going "If my character were on General Hospital he'd be acting like this..." but its something else when someone goes and thinks of you and YOUR story when they're watching the soap.

Oh, and Scott Clifton is my favorite actor now. He's the guy in the icon. He makes me laugh very much. Shawn Ashmore still has much love, but Scott... well, I watch him a lot more. So hah. If Shawn and Scott were both on GH... I'd die happy.

If they added Brian, I'd basically become a believer in the powers of the divine.
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Pluto close up

Displeased... DISPLEASED!!!!!

Today has been a horrible day so far, and I'm barely done with 3/4ths of it. Horrid horrid day.

Well, actually, it started ouyt okay, and then it just went downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn hill. I spilt Soda on my leather jacket, so now it's all sticky and I tried to wipe it down with water and that didn't work *because water never works for washing stuff clean... natch* but worst of all was that I had to walk allllllllllllllllllll the way back home to print out my microtheme for a class because I forgot to do it last night due to the fact that I'm a damned moron!

I need Kpop... I need it now. isn't working, and I haven't been getting e-mail notifications of my reviews, which angers me.