March 1st, 2004

Pluto close up

I'm THIS close to almost accepting Verbal as a legit human being

God, the power of BoA. I really really did not like Verbal, even when he worked with BoA and Namie, but then they go and do Love Bug... which is quite simply the most fucking catchy song on the damned planet, in a very good way. He's really quite good in this song, and apparently it's him that was singing in the I Miss You song that they did with Melody because the other member of M-Flo really doesn't do much, apparently. *sigh* He is much like Zeebra, they have really good voices but they waste them on such horrid things like rap when they could be doing pop songs and pleasing me in the ways that Brian does. Of course, when Brian raps or does covers of horrid N Sync songs I come very close to disowning his ass, but I always come back. Yes, that's right, boyo, I always come back to you, for my love is so great.

I am sending J the love, he will learn the ways... oh, he will learn the ways!!!!

Speaking of Brian, I heard that Sea of Love is like... ALL Fany. 3 FttS group songs, 2 Brian solos, and 7 Fany solos. So much pain am I in!!!!! I want that album to come so bad so I can hear it for myself. I will likely only listen to 5 songs, although I will conceed that I DO like Fany's voice... I just hate Fany. Funny how that works, no?

I made my teacher mad at me today. She knows I didn't do the reading, which isn't entirely true, I did some of the reading, just not most of it. She didn't say ME specifiically, but she knows I didn't do it, I know I didn't do it. I like that teacher a lot, I'm sad that I hurt her feelings. I think I'm done with the work that I have to do, outside of some reading for class tomorrow, which means that I can actually do GH story tonight. YAY!

I think I got a virus on the computer, too... so I don't know if everything will be working well. I got two new files that I know for damned sure I didn't download. What the fuck?
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