February 29th, 2004

Pluto close up


I'm DJing a total of 13 hours next week. I've come on a long way from my 5 hours that I had when I started, no?

Go me!!! Plus, today is the 3 hour shift, so I can play more artists than the two hour shift. Must... play... Heartsdales and Sakura Musume...
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You know...

You go 21 years thinking something about your family and then you're told that it isn't true... and now I'm like 'what the fuck?'
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The Best

I just saw it!!!! The Performance that has Eugene and Shoo reunited. Sure, Eugene was lipping, which made it somewhat cheaper, but I'm assuming that she wouldn't be able to sing if she was overcome with emoitons (which she appeared to be). Of course who can blame her? I loved it. I watched it twice, and I'll watch it again before the night is over. After I watch the Love Bug over and over...
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The GH story is closing in on 450 pages. I did not, I repeat with caps for emphasis, NOT anticipate such a thing happening. What's worse is that I'm not even close to being done... grr, and yet I love it so much. I wonder if I should send it into the people at ABC... yeah, like they'd even pay any attention, they probably get submissions like that from us stupid fans all the time... wouldn't be surprising at all.

I want the lyrics to love bug, but it's too new and nobody has them yet. Give it a few weeks, when the song MIGHT not be as addictive (yeah, right) and maybe, just maybe, they'll be up.
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New Janet Single

Hmm, it starts off differently from what she normally does, more Rock-ish, along the lines of Black Cat but not really AS hard as it... it's decent so far. Nothing groundbreaking, and certainly nothing that would require her to flash her boobie in front of a bazillion people.

Not that I'd oppose her flashing the boobie again... hehehehhehe
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