February 28th, 2004

Pluto close up


Well, DJing had drama again, as usual. I suppose I shouldn't be too surprsed. Hell, I probably shouldn't be surprised at all. Period. End of Story. Here's the low down: The Boss and I were scheduled to work at the same time. I IMed her at like 12 my time and said 'you know, we're both on the shift at the same time.' I didn't get any IM back from her so I didn't think anything of it. I get an IM at 2:45 and she's like 'SHIT, I forgot to tell you that I wanted you to do 3-5!' My time 3-5 is 1-3... which means that she gave me the IM when I had a whole 15 minutes left in the shift. I shook my head and was like... no... you're not pulling this on me. So I got the shift that I was originally supposed to have. There was a problem with THAT shift, too. One of the DJs was like 'get off, you're not supposed to be doing it' and he goes and tells me that I'm not doing my shift, so I showed him the time sheet and he was like 'oh, sorry, that other DJ told me...' blah blah blah. Probably trying to cover his ass. Granted, I can't prove this, but I certainly don't think he was as 'sorry' as he claimed to be.

Among the many things that I have gotten today is a live clip of the SM Towners singing My Angel My Light... its very interesting because anyone who knows anything about SM Town knows that they had like... 50 fucking members. Of course, not all of them are on the stage (BoA isn't... Hee Jun Is... so is BRIAN!!!) but I still thought it kicked so much ass seeing them all on Stage. SM Town songs make me so fucking happy. It's pitiful, I know... but I really don't give a shit.

I wanted to download Eugene's the best video, but it takes like an hour and I basically said screw that. Yup. Screw that.
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